Puppeteers Go on the Road

Tomorrow some members of the puppet team will present the program, “Bug Beautiful” at two of our libraries in the system: Clarke County Library and Handley Library. Everyone is excited! We spiffy-ed up our banner on Wednesday afternoon and made new props on Saturday. This puppet show will be great! On Tuesday, we present two puppet shows at the Bowman Library in Stephens City, VA. This is our home library. We present puppet shows each Wednesday and Saturday morning along with Miss Donna, the librarian, who shares stories and reads books to the preschool kids.
This special all-puppet program includes “Happy to Be Here,” “Mr. Sun,” “Five Little Ladybugs,” “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt,” “Grandma’s Feather Bed,” “Having Fun at the Beach,” “The Chigger Song,” “The Mosquito,” and “Ten in Bed.”
A similar program was presented at the Village Library in Broadway, VA on Friday, July 18th. We had a great time and gleefully told everyone that our puppet troupe was going “on Broadway!” A photo of the team even made the local paper! We were excited!
We’ll be sharing the photos soon! Come back to see more!


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