Your YouthScope!

Your YouthScope!
Welcome to the YouthScope Blog – a place for the youth of Winchester City and Frederick and Clarke Counties – and their parents, caregivers and teachers.

Here you’ll find an exciting space that celebrates the gift of reading.
v A place that reflects the interests, needs and ideas of our youth – be they baby and toddler, preschooler, elementary, middle or high school student.
v A place that showcases all the wonderful literacy programs offered by our libraries.
v A place for sharing reviews, recommendations, and book lists.
v A place to find help and advice on all sorts of things – developing lifelong readers, useful websites, help with homework and research, great Apps…we could go on and on!

YouthScope is for you – our library community and we welcome your input.
v Do you have ideas and suggestions for what you would like to see on the YouthScope blog?
v Have you read a book, watched a movie, surfed a website or used an App that you’d like to share with others?
v Have you taken part in one of our library programs and wish to share your experience?
We would also like to hear from any budding designers and artists who would be keen to create a logo for our YouthScope blog. Send us your design and we’ll feature it on YouthScope.

Keep up to date with all that is happening on YouthScope by liking Handley Regional Library on Facebook, or by entering your email address in the box on this page. You will receive an email message every time a new post is added.
Suggestions, ideas, comments and logo designs can be emailed to us at

Until next time, happy reading! 



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