Children’s Book Week 2013

This week it’s Children’s Book Week – an annual celebration of books for young readers and the joy of reading. Every year since 1919 events have been held at libraries, bookstores, schools, homes…anywhere you find young readers and books. This year, over 50 cities across the country will host exciting events, featuring well known authors and illustrators.

Here’s Robin Press Glaisser, illustrator of the wonderful Fancy Nancy series, at a very fancy CBW art show in Los Angeles.

The official CBW website is packed full of information about this very special week. (You can visit the site by clicking on the pink words “CBW website”)

There are ideas on how to celebrate CBW ; you can read all about the history of CBW;  try out some CBW puzzles and you can download the official CBW bookmark, designed by Grace Lin.

If you are reading this blog then we’re pretty sure that children’s books are already an important part of your lives, but how about taking some extra time this week to really celebrate the amazing gift of writing and illustrating for children.

You could:

  • visit your local library or bookstore
  • dress your family up as their favourite book characters
  • donate gently used books that you no longer need
  • write your own stories and create illustrations for them
  • write and share a review of one of your favourite books
  • share this blog post on your Facebook page…
  • and, of course…read, read and then read some more!!
Until next time…Happy Children’s Book Week!
Official Book Week poster designed by Brian Selznick.


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