Dig Into Reading: great titles from our elementary reading list.

Today we are going to look at three titles from the elementary reading list. For more title suggestions, pick up a copy of the book lists from your local library.
We start with Peter Kent’s intricate, detailed and fascinating Hidden Under the Ground.

Explore the exciting world beneath your feet, where trains run, pipes flow and where mysterious creatures are thought to have lived. A great book to share with an adventurous friend or two.
Charlie Small is an 8 year old adventurer who has been travelling the world for 400 years! In the fifth of the Charlie Small series, Charlie is trapped miles below the surface of the earth in the utterly unbelievable underworld.
Find out how Charlie escapes a hair-raising encounter with a terrifying troglodite and learn what to do if you get trapped in the web of a spitting Spidion! Click here to check out Charlie’s cool website where you can find out more about the series.
Our final title today is Nightshade City by Hilary Wagner.
Deep beneath a modern city, lies the Catacombs – a kingdom of exceptionally intelligent rats. The once peaceful community has become a harsh and cruel dictatorship. Join orphaned brothers, Vincent and Victor Nightshade, as they struggle to overthrow the evil leader and restore peace to the kingdom. (If you enjoy this book have a look for part two – The White Assassin.)
Find all these titles and more great suggestions at your local library and don’t forget to log all your reading minutes. Haven’t signed up to our summer reading programme yet? No problem – just click here or come and see us at your local branch. 
Join us tomorrow as we delve Beneath the Surface and check out some of the great titles from the Middle and High School reading list.
Until then – keep on reading!

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