More from our primary summer reading list.

Good morning summer readers! We hope you had a great weekend enjoying the sunshine and digging into some of the great titles on our summer reading programme book lists.

Today we are going to take a peek at three more titles from our primary reading list.

First up it’s the wonderfully titled Wiggling Worms at Work by Wendy Pfeffer.

Deep underground, worms are hard at work! A great book explaining how worms eat, move and reproduce, and how they help plants to grow.

Marcus Pfister’s Holey Moley tells the tale of some more animals that like to spend time underground.

Two mole brothers can’t agree on what to do – dig a deep hole or make a hill? Each stomps off to do his own thing, only to discover that they are really both doing the same thing! A wonderful tale of brotherly love and cooperation from the bestselling author of the Rainbow Fish stories.

Now to some of the metal giants that help us out by working hard in the dirt.

Emma Garcia’s Tip Tip Dig Dig features a parade of colorful construction vehicles making lots of happy noise while they work. From the crane that “lifts, lifts, lifts” to the steamroller that “rolls, rolls, rolls” every machine has it’s own special sound to share. If you enjoyed Margaret Mayo’s Dig Dig Digging, then this one is for you!

Make sure to record all your reading minutes – for every 360 minutes of reading you complete, you can choose a great book from one of our book trunks.  Click here if you haven’t signed up yet.

Check back tomorrow when we turn the spotlight on some of our elementary titles. Keep on reading!


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