Some more great titles from our Primary reading list.

Good morning summer readers. I hope you took advantage of National Ice Cream Day yesterday and relaxed with a cone in one hand and a book in the other!

Poor Gerald needs some help figuring out what to do with his ice cream!

Let’s take a look at three more titles from our Dig Into Reading Primary list.
Heather Miller’s Subway Ride is a fantastical journey that introduces young readers to subway travel.

Join a group of children as they pay their fare, pass through the gates and zip around ten subway stations from around the globe. You can find extra information on each of the stations at the end of this colorful travel tale.

Our next book is a wonderful read aloud. Denise Fleming’s Underground takes us deep into the backyard world below our feet.

Explore detailed cross section pictures of a wide rage of creatures who burrow, dig and tunnel their way underneath the earth’s surface.

Now for some interesting characters who live on top of the ground. In Lawn to Lawn by Dan Yaccarino, we meet four lawn ornaments who are left behind when their owners move house.

Join a lawn jockey, deer, pink flamingo and garden gnome on their hilarious journey to find the little girl that they love.

Speaking of garden gnomes, have you been keeping up with all the adventures of our own library gnomes on the roam? Make sure you like Handley Regional Library on Facebook to keep up with all their adventures this summer.

Happy reading everyone…now for more ice cream!


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