A few more titles from the Elementary reading list.

It’s all about mines, caves and tunnels today as we explore three more titles from our Elementary reading list.

Chris Mould’s The Smuggler’s Mine is book 5 in the Something Wickedly Weird series.

Stanley Buggles holds the key to a smuggler’s map but does he dare to uncover its ancient secrets? This fast-paced story will keep you guessing right till the end.

In Penny Warner’s Mystery of the Haunted Caves, join thirteen year old Becca and her scout friends as they attempt to win a gold medal for their troop at the Gold Rush Jamboree.

When a mysterious clue reveals treasure buried in the camp caves, Becca and her friends are determined to get their hands on it. This book has won several mystery writing awards…fun, exciting and full of adventure.

Roderick Gordon’s New York Times bestseller,  Tunnels,  is the first installment in the Tunnels series.

When 14 year old Will Borrows’ father mysteriously vanishes, Will must uncover the truth about his disappearance. His search leads him to a secret underground society, The Colony, which has existed for  one hundred years. But before Will can find his father he is taken prisoner. Multiple chases, captures, separations and escapes keep the pace moving in this page turning thriller.

We’re taking a break here at YouthScope next week – time for a beach vacation – which of course means lots of time for reading 🙂

We look forward to seeing you back here soon for more from our summer reading programme and our readers.

Take care and keep reading! We’re off to start packing and the first things going into our suitcase are…you guessed it…books!


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