Happy Birthday Handley Regional Library!

This weekend our library celebrated a wonderful milestone – one hundred years of providing library services to the citizens of Winchester, Frederick County and Clarke County.

The reading and literature needs of the area’s youth was always an important part of the services offered by our library but in the early days there wasn’t a dedicated space for children, or staff members on hand to run children’s programs and “lead the children to good literature”.

“Happy Birthday!” say the gnomes on the roam!

On June 20th, 1961 the children’s room was opened. It was looked after by part time employees and summer story times were led by the Winchester Civic Club and the American Association of University Women.

In one hundred years there have been many changes at our library. One thing has not changed however – the joy and pride that comes with getting your own library card.

On the library’s first day of operations, August 22nd 1913, Miss Kate McVicar was waiting patiently in line, hoping to be the first patron to receive a library card. Unfortunately for Kate it was Seddon Lacy who claimed the honor of being first to receive a card – he elbowed his way ahead of Miss McVicar and was first through the front door!

First library card and book – yay!
No need for any elbowing to get your hand on a library card!
You can read more about the history of library services for youth, and so much more about Handley Library, in the wonderful book Handley Regional Library – The First One Hundred Years.
We hope you were able to share in the celebrations for our wonderful service.
Happy Birthday Handley Regional! Here’s to the next one hundred years!

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