Learning to Read

School is well and truly back in session, and for many of the children in our community this marks the start of the journey to becoming an independent reader. In classrooms and homes all over the country, young children are developing the reading skills which will enable them to get lost in the magical world of books.

This is a very exciting time in a child’s development, and as parents and caregivers we have an important part to play in supporting and encouraging our early readers. One of the easiest things that we can do to help is read aloud to children. Sharing and listening to books by reading aloud is one of the best ways to ensure a child’s success in reading.
Reading aloud:
  • is a great excuse to spend time with children
  • allows you both to enjoy the sound and rhythm of language and explore the way words join together to create stories
  • opens doors to knowledge and fantasy
  • encourages a child’s imagination to run wild
  • continues the age old art of storytelling
  • helps to grow a child’s vocabulary and their ability to communicate
  • sets them on the path to becoming a life-long reader
  • IS FUN!


Another easy way to help support an early reader is to visit the library. Here at Handley Regional we love working with children and their caregivers at this very special time, and we have a huge range of resources available.
On our Parent Teacher shelves in the Children’s Room you can find many useful titles dealing with learning to read.
And for the very important new readers themselves our shelves are full of wonderful choices – we have something for everyone! In addition to our fantastic range of picture books, the Easy Reader shelves are a great source of reading material for beginning readers.
Come and visit us at your local library and we’ll help to make sure that those first steps into independent reading are full of excitement and enjoyment. And don’t forget that once a child turns five they are eligible for their very own library card – a must for every reader, big and small!
I’ll leave you with the words of Frederick Douglass – “Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”



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