A visit from Nick Bruel

New York Times bestselling author and illustrator, Nick Bruel, has been in Winchester this week, talking to hundreds of fans at Winchester City’s public schools. You might have seen a photo of Nick in action with some of the students from Quarles Elementary, in the Winchester Star last Wednesday.

Nick Bruel drawing his much loved character, Bad Kitty.
Nick Bruel at work, drawing his much-loved character, Bad Kitty.

Nick has written and illustrated many great titles but he is most well-known for his Bad Kitty books. This fun and humorous series, features a housecat named Kitty, who gets up to lots of mischief. She really doesn’t mean to be bad…she just always seems to get herself into trouble!

Bad kitty birthdaybad kitty presidentbad kitty school dazebad kitty bath

Nick used to work as a bookseller, but always loved writing. In first grade his favorite thing to do was write stories and make drawings to go with them.

Nick Bruel and Bad Kitty.
Nick Bruel and Bad Kitty.

Nick has provided illustrations for books written by other authors too. Here is a series with words by the wonderful Dick King-Smith:

DKS Nick BruelDKS2 Nick BruelDKS3 Nick Bruel

Nick has even illustrated a book that was written by his father, Robert Bruel.

BobandottoDid you get the chance to hear Nick Bruel this week? Do you have a favorite Nick Bruel story? Is Bad Kitty really that bad? Send us an email with your words and maybe some pictures too – we’d love to hear from you. You can find us at hrlyouthscope@gmail.com

And of course Handley Regional Library is a great place to go if you’d like to find Nick Bruel’s books.

I’ll leave you with a short video clip. It’s Nick Bruel being interviewed by none other than the Bad Kitty herself – enjoy 🙂


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