A long time ago, in a library far, far away…

The Star Wars Reads celebration at Bowman Library on Saturday was a huge success!


We were joined by many of the famous Star Wars characters – Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, an Ewok, Obi Wan Kenobi…even a very special Yoda…




Jedi Knights undertook training in the use of light sabers…




and tried their hands at Star Wars origami.


Yoda Soda, Sand Trooper Sandies and Wookie Cookies were on hand to help settle rumbling Star Wars stomachs – all that saber swinging does work up an appetite!


And of course there was plenty of time for this…


Thanks to all the wonderful Star Wars readers who made this day such a fantastic celebration of Star Wars and reading. The reading force is strong with you all!

Keep an eye on the official Star Wars Reads Facebook page over the next few days – there will be lots of images from Star Wars Reads celebrations all across the country. You can also click here to see a panel of Star Wars authors answering questions at the Scholastic Store in New York city on Saturday.

Now, where did I put that plate of Wookie Cookies…


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