Harvest Hoedown & Halloween…

Fall has well and truly arrived – bringing with it cooler temperatures; glorious landscapes of red, orange and gold; falling leaves of all sizes and shapes; and pumpkins galore!

It's that time of year!
It’s that time of year!

Join us in the children’s room at Handley Library, at 4:30pm on Wednesday October 23rd, for a good old Harvest Hoedown! We will be celebrating autumn with songs, books and more.

pick_a_circle_gather_squaresStrega Nona's Harvest


The arrival of Fall also bring us ever closer to Halloween – in just over one week our neighborhoods will be full of youngsters, all decked out in their creepiest of costumes, on the hunt for treats!

The library is a wonderful source of Halloween inspiration. We have books about carving pumpkins; books with ideas for Halloween costumes;  scary songs and movies; and so many wonderful Halloween stories…



spooky buddiesThe Halloween TreeHalloween-Poems-Livingston-Myra-9780823407620

Come in and see us and we’ll help to make sure you have a spooky and spectacular Halloween! Drop us a line and share your favorite Halloween stories and any great Halloween ideas you might have – you can find us at hrlyouthscope@gmail.com.

Until next time…see you at the Hoedown!


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