Giving Thanks

Our Veteran’s Day Books and Blocks program, held at Bowman Library, was a great success. Those taking part heard all about life on a military base and then had fun working together to construct a military base using Lego®. Some of the children who took part know service personnel currently deployed in Afghanistan – this gave special significance to our activity.

Here are some images of the military base constructors hard at work…

lego1lego2lego3This week families and friends all over the country will be gathering together to share a special meal and give thanks. We’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all those people who won’t be able to celebrate with their loved ones this Thanksgiving – particularly those serving in the military. As we tuck into our turkey this Thursday, let’s spare a moment to remember that not all families will be together.

We have some great resources to help children with this topic…

letters to a soldiermilitary base

Love Lizzyhero-mom

We wish you all a safe and happy holiday weekend.

Handley, Bowman and Clarke County libraries will all be open from 10:00am on Friday the 29th of November – why not skip those Black Friday crowds and come see us instead?!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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