Let’s play!

It’s National Game and Puzzle Week!

From November 24th to November 30th the spotlight is on games – particularly those you can play with others. With Thanksgiving upon us and Christmas just around the corner, this is the prefect time to gather together family and friends, and play!

At Bowman Library we started the week with games and puzzles galore…here are some shots of our gamers and puzzlers in action…

puzzles1puzzles2National Game & Puzzle Day-BL 001Playing games, be they board, card or dice, is a great deal of fun but did you know that games also offer many benefits for people of all ages?

  • Playing games creates quality time and opens lines of communication for parents and children.
  • Games stimulate mind and body, improve memory, build bonds and foster great imagination.
  • Games help players develop social skills, including following rules and turn-taking.
  • Games help teach fair play and good sportsmanship.
  • Games fit well into school lesson plans or as an icebreaker at meetings.
  • Games help sharpen vocabulary, spelling, math, creative writing, critical thinking and more – all under the guise of having fun!
  • Playing games enables individuals to learn about themselves and the world.
  • Games are a great way to bring people together during the holidays.

IMG_2588IMG_2585So what are you waiting for? Winter is here which means more time inside – the perfect opportunity to get together with family and friends and play. Games and puzzles make great Christmas gifts too. We are always happy to make recommendations and suggestions so drop in and see us.

Does your family have a favorite game? Is there a game you’ve got your eye on for Christmas? We’d love to hear all about it. Send an email to hrlyouthscope@gmail.com

Until next time – happy gaming!


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