Winter Reading Program

The one thing that we can all agree on lately is just how long and hard this winter has been. It can be hard sometimes to find things to do and stay busy when it’s too cold to get outside and play. Of course one of the best winter activities is reading – there is nothing like curling up with a book to help banish the winter blues!

So during the month of February we are running a winter reading program – Snuggle With a Book!

snuggle with bookHow the program works:

  • Click here to go online and create an account to participate in the Winter Reading Program.
  • Read books from February 1st to 28th, keeping track of all the minutes read.
  • Log into your account and record the minutes you have spent reading. For every 360 minutes of reading, a bookplate is awarded. Log all your minutes by 02/28/14.
  • At the end of the Winter Reading program go to the library to collect your free bookplates to place in your favorite books.

lionLanguage development begins very early, and parents and caregivers, play an important role in helping children achieve future success. Talking, singing, reading, writing and playing are all important parts of language and reading development. Taking part in our Winter Reading Program is a great way to support the development of young readers. Come and see us and we’ll be happy to help you choose a whole pile of titles to snuggle with during these wintry weeks.

owlThe beautiful images from our Winter Reading program come from the wonderful book My Heart is Like a Zoo by Michael Hall – a perfect choice for reading together.

my-heart-bookPlease come and see us at your local library if you have any questions about the program or if you need help signing up.

What books do you and your loved ones like to snuggle with? We’d love to know. Drop us a line at or leave a comment on our Facebook page.

Right – I am off to do some snuggling and reading! Stay warm and read, read, read!


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