Happy Birthday Hans Christian Andersen!

Today we celebrate the birthday of renowned writer Hans Christian Andersen. Although he wrote novels, plays and poems, it is for his fairy tales that he is best known. Despite his Danish origins and the fact that his stories are over one hundred years old, Andersen’s fairy tales have been translated into over 125 languages and contain themes that appeal to a range of ages and nationalities.

A portrait of Hans Christian Andersen from 1836.
A portrait of Hans Christian Andersen from 1836.

Not just beautiful and often very moving stories, Andersen’s fairytales also reveal important lessons about living a good life and showing strength and courage during challenging times. When we hear the words “fairy tale” we often think only of children, but there is something in the work of Hans Christian Andersen for all of us.


Today many young children are introduced to the Work of Hans Christian Andersen through film versions of his work. The team at Disney have adapted many of his tales for the big screen – how many of you realized that the latest Disney hit Frozen is actually a reworking of Andersen’s The Snow Queen?

Frozen-movie-postersnow queen

The Little Mermaid is another Andersen story well known because of the Disney movie.

Little Mermaid lying downthe-little-mermaid

Whilst these movie versions are wonderful to watch, it’s well worth going back and reading the original story. Many of our best loved authors and illustrators have created stunning versions of these timeless tales and you will find them on our shelves at the library.

ugly duckthumbelina

little match girlemperor

This Saturday at 2:00pm at Handley Library the Collage Group is hosting a Fairy Tale Ball. Dress as your favorite fairy tale character and join us for music, dancing, treats and fun. This is a free event and if you’d like more information please call Jennifer Sutter at 540-662-9041.

Do you have a favorite Andersen fairy tale? We’d love to hear about it. Leave a note on our Facebook page or send us a message at hrlyouthscope@gmail.com.

Don’t forget that the Edible Books contest is happening this evening from 5:00pm in the children’s room at Handley Library, and the first meeting of the middle school science program Let’s Rock takes place at Bowman Library at 3:45pm.

Until next time…have a fairy tale filled day!


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