Language learning with Mango!

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Calling all students who want to habler espanol, parler francais, sprechen deutsch, parla italiano…I could go on and on!!

Handley Regional Library is excited to offer the free, fast and convenient, Mango Languages online language learning system, to all its members.


If you are keen to learn a new language or you’re already taking classes at school, the Mango system is an easy and fun way to both introduce you to a new language, and keep your language skills fresh over the summer vacation. If you’re planning on picking up a language at school this fall, Mango is a great way to prepare. There are more than 40 foreign language courses available as well as 16 English as a Second Language courses.


There are so many benefits to learning a second language – improved brain function; greater ability to multi-task; improvements in memory and decision making skills; becoming more perceptive; you’ll even find that your English will improve! Learning another language is also great fun and starting at a young age will ensure even greater success.

You can even Mango on your smart phone!
You can even Mango on your smart phone!

Each Mango lesson combines real life situations and audio from native speakers with simple and clear instructions. Plus you’ll find extra cultural information and some stunning images. (For all those  World Cup soccer fans, there’s even a “Soccer Celebration” course in Portuguese!)

"Futebol ao vivo longa!"
“Futebol ao vivo longa!”

To sign up for a Mango class, or find out more information, just click on any of the green “Mangos” dotted throughout this post, or come in and see us. We’d love to introduce you to this wonderful system 🙂

Until next time…




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