Expand Your Horizons: Fly by Pluto

Pluto at High Noon (click to enlarge)
On July 15th, NASA is releasing new pictures from the New Horizons satellite’s flyby of demoted planet Pluto.  The picture above is an artist’s rendering of Pluto.  Soon, these imagined scenes will be replaced by the first close-up pictures ever taken of the dwarf planet, which is 4.67 billion miles (7.5 billion kilometers) from us here on Earth.  Learn more about the mission and view the pictures here: Nasa Pluto Toolkit.

Another place to learn more about Pluto is right here at your library!  Your library is one of the best resources for expanding your knowledge about the universe.  Prepare for the Pluto mission by checking out one of the many resources available at Handley Regional Library.  And we’re more than just books!  Here is a sampling of what we have available:


A Look at Pluto and Other Dwarf Planets by Anna Kaspar                           J 523.482 Kas
Pluto and Other Dwarf Planets by L. L. Owens                                             J 523.49 Owe
Pluto’s secret : an icy world’s tale of discovery by Margaret Weitekamp with David DeVorkin                                                                                                          J 523.49
When is a planet not a planet? : the story of Pluto by Elaine Scott.              J 523.482 Sco

Juvenile Reference Collection (in library use only)
“Pluto” in Britannica Student Encyclopedia                                                                                                 R 031 Bri
“Pluto” by Jeffrey Brune in The New Book of Popular Science, Vol. 1          R 503 New
“The Solar System’s Minor Members” in The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia                                                                                                 R 503 Kin

Online Resources
FindItVA: This database give you access to full-text articles, book excerpts, videos, and newspaper stories, which can be tailored to your grade level.  This is the best place to find current news articles about the mission to Pluto.
Infoplease offers almanacs, dictionaries, and encyclopedias.  Here you can find the biographies of Clyde Tombaugh, discoverer of Pluto, and other influential astronomers.
Literati: In addition to searching reference works like dictionaries and encyclopedias, this database offers access to audiofiles, videos, and images.
National Geographic Kids – Pluto: the online version of National Geographic Kids magazine.


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  1. […] In honor of the continued exploration of our solar system, Twilight Tales on Tuesday featured stories about our solar system, astronauts, and space exploration.  We have a selection of books and library resources relating to recent solar system exploration here on the blog in our post about the New Horizons mission to Pluto: Expand Your Horizons: Fly By Pluto. […]

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