Fall Fun Stories

This week’s cool, wet weather suits the season just right, since the first day of Fall is this Wednesday.  At the Bowman Library, we’re preparing for Fall with a few storytimes celebrating the fun and beauty the season brings.

Here are a few of the stories, poems, and songs about Fall that we’ll be sharing this week, so you can keep singing, playing, and reading with your little one at home.

Books to Share:

Book Jacket for: The little yellow leafThe Little Yellow Leaf by Carin Berger – a gentle story about courage and friendship in the face of change, the collages that make up the artwork in this book are inventive and beautiful.



Book Jacket for: Leaf ManLeaf Man by Lois Ehlert – Rich illustrations created entirely from pieced-together real fall leaves an inspire your own leaf art and give the opportunity to learn leaf identification.


Book Jacket for: Fall leavesFall Leaves by Loretta Holland – another book that makes great use of paper art, its light-box illustrations have a dreamy depth.  On each page the lines of a poem top prose explanations of the science behind Fall’s changes.  The dual nature of the writing makes it an excellent, adaptable choice for both babies and older children who are ready for the more in-depth explanations.

Book Jacket for: LeavesLeaves by David Ezra Stein – lively, joyful watercolor illustrations and a briskly-paced narrative offer a reassuring tale about Fall and the joy of a coming Spring.  Beautifully captures the child-like sense of wonder when all things are new.


Book Jacket for: Mouse's first fall Mouse’s First Fall by Lauren Thompson – explore colors, shapes, and numbers with this simple story and brightly-colored illustrations.


These books, and many more, are available at the Handley Regional Library.  Many of our collections of books on popular subjects are also available right here on the blog on the Booklists page and are also available in hardcopy at your library.

Songs to Share:

Leaves are Falling Down
(Sung to the tune of “Frere Jaques”)

Leaves are falling, leaves are falling,
On the ground, on the ground
Rake them in a pile,
Rake them in a pile,
Then jump in.
Then jump in.

The Leaves are Falling Down
(Sung to the tune of “Farmer in the Dell”)

The leaves are falling down
The leaves are falling down
Red, yellow, green, and brown
The leaves are falling down.

We hope to see you at one of Bowman Library’s storytimes:
Toddler Storytime – Mondays @ 11AM
Twilight Tales – Tuesdays @ 6PM
Preschool Storytime – Wednesdays @ 11AM
Baby Storytime – Thursdays @ 11AM
Preschool Storytime – Saturdays @ 11AM

Check the calendar for storytime schedules at the Handley and Clarke County Libraries and for special events throughout the system.


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