Poetry Weekends @ Handley Regional Library

Poetry weekends title card
A poem a day for National Poetry Month –

My Tongue is Like a Map

Mami said yes, Abuelita sang si.
They said, Two languages make you a rich man,
But words never paid for my penny candy.

Agua, water.  Arroz, rice.  Nino, me!
Arroz con leche, sang Abuelita
As my mami said, A is for Apple.

My ears were like a radio, so many stations.
Sometimes I would dream in English and Spanish.
I was a millionaire each time I said yes and si>

— Rane Arroyo

Book Jacket for: Love to mamá : a tribute to mothers
Love to mamá : a tribute to mothers edited by Pat Mora ; illustrated by Paula S. Barragán M. – J  811 Lov
“In this beautifully illustrated book, 13 Latino poets write with joy humor, and love about the powerful and undeniable bond between mothers, grandmothers, and children, and the effects their own mothers and grandmothers had on them.”


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