Handley Regional Library Loves It’s Youth Volunteers!


Now that Summer Reading is over and most of you have started school, it’s time to take a look back at all we’ve done this summer and say a big “Thank You!” to some of the people who have helped so much with our Summer programs: our Youth Volunteers!

We have had 97 youth volunteers over this summer, several of whom have given over 40 hours of their time to the library.  The volunteers have helped in many ways to make our programs run more smoothly. They have helped prep craft projects, assisted patrons with computer sign-ups, handed out flyers, shelved books, and much more.

IMG_2411One of the most visible things volunteers do is perform in the puppet troupe.  It’s a joy for library staff to see the joy the puppets bring to young faces, and we know that this wouldn’t be possible without the dedicated young volunteers who perform twice a week during the summer, with some continuing to perform twice a week year-round.
IMG_0786Many of the puppeteers also traveled to bring their show to other libraries.  They performed at Handley Library, Clarke County Library, and our Summer Reading Finale Party at the Taylor Pavilion in downtown Winchester.  They also traveled to the Shenandoah County Library System, bringing their puppet magic to the New Market Library.

IMG_2430The Library is hosting a Thank You Party for all of our young volunteers tomorrow at Bowman Library from 5:30pm – 7:30pm.  So, from all of us at Handley Regional Library, “THANK YOU!”

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