Your Next Young Adult Novel

Young Adult Novels are the latest phenomenon of the publishing world. If you haven’t looked into this very diverse genre, which has teens standing in line for their next book and raising up their favorite authors as the new super stars of modern literature, here is a fun quiz through to help you find just the right book to get you started!


Last summer Epic Reads, a great site for anyone who loves books, linked to a fun quiz:


Summer has come and gone, but with the cool weather coming in, perhaps it’s an even better time to grab the fuzzy blanket and find a great read for the Thanksgiving break.

Parents who are looking for reviews on the books their teens are reading may enjoy the book section of Common Sense Media.  Age suggestions are given for many of today’s favorite Young Adult books, as well as topics for discussion.

For even more great reads for teens, the Bowman Library has a teen display always available, including selections from the Teen Advisory Board. If you are teen or preteen in middle or high school, consider joining them on the second Monday of the month at 6:00 pm.  Call Donna Hughes at 540-869-9000 x215 for more information.

Did you take a quiz? Tell us which book you got!


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