Your Child’s Library On Demand!

Do you remember the weeks after Christmas when you were a child? The most complicated thing your parents had to deal with was getting that action figure out of the over-taped box, or reading the instructions on the latest board game.  However, in our digital age, Santa and his elves often tend to focus on electronics. In fact, I’ve heard he’s gotten quite skilled at the latest technology.

tux-161439_1280Perhaps, instead of an action figure, puzzle or a board game, your child received an iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle, or Fire tablet. Since Santa is sure to have only your child’s best interest in mind, I’m willing to bet he knew how, when used to their full potential, these seemingly mindless devices can be used to enhance your child’s education and enjoyment of the world of books.

Unless you were bombarded with a large number of gift cards to go with the purchase, you may find yourself limited to the free game apps, which can be fun for a bit of brain candy, but over time lack the mental substance you’d like to provide your child.
electronic-resourcesJust as your local library is here to provide a variety of physical books and DVDs for your child, we are also here to turn that expensive gadget into a world of books, audiobooks, music, and even movies, all at your fingertips throughout the year. Our online resources are instantly available to you on days when you’re unable to get to the library, away on vacation, snowed in at home, or after hours when your child needs a book immediately for a report at school he forgot was due in the morning. The best part? It’s FREE with your local library card.

This winter the Handley Regional Library System will be promoting our Library on Demand, helping our patrons get the most out of their local library’s e-resources. We will be offering drop-in demos on Tuesdays from 4:30-6:00pm at the Bowman Library, or at the information desk at Handley Library. Workshops will be available in March with free registration on the following dates:

March 4 – 11:00 AM-12:30 PM @ Bowman Library
March 7 – 6:00-7:30 PM @ Bowman Library with Storycrafters
March 15 – 1:30-3:00 PM @ Handley Library
(Registration required for workshops)

ereaderWhat if you can’t make it to a workshop? No problem! Check back on this blog over the next month and we’ll walk you through the individual features, with child and teen resources in mind. You will learn how to download Overdrive to play audiobooks, read ebooks, and even play movies. If you have a Kindle device, step-by-step instructions will be given on searching for a book and transferring it to to download on to your Kindle. Instructions for downloading freegal music will also be included.

Don’t let modern technology overwhelm you. Join us as we walk you through each step and explore a full digital library of ebooks, audiobooks, and downloadable music!



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