Checking Out Library eBooks for Your Child

This is the second post in our series on utilizing the online resources through the Handley Regional Library System. In our first post, an overview was given on the many ways your library can add value to your child’s electronic devices. Today we’ll look more closely on how to navigate the Blue Ridge Download Consortium on your P.C. You will also learn how to transfer your selections to an eReader, such as a Kindle.

If you have a tablet or phone, such as a Fire from Amazon, or an iPad, iPhone, or Android device, you will need to download the OverDrive application. We will go through that in our next blog post in the series, so stay tune! Meanwhile, you can get familiar with navigating the Consortium on your P.C.

First, if you’re already on the HRL website, you can find the Blue Ridge Consortium and all of our resources through a link on our front page:


The Blue Ridge Download Consortium can be found through a direct picture link here:


You can also bookmark a direct link to the Blue Ridge Download Consortium for future reference. The link will take you to the front page where you can sign in.


Be ready in with your Handley Regional Library Card. You will need to have a library card before you can check out any books. Don’t have a card? Go here, then feel free to browse until you can get your library card up and running.

Got it ready? Ok, pick your library from the list…


then sign in.


You’re ready to search! If you are looking for yourself, you can begin browsing subjects, but because we are looking at youth services on this blog, we’ll go straight to the Kids & Teens section. Click it!


You and your child can now browse by subject or search for an additional book. By clicking on “Collections” you can also narrow it down to what is currently available to check out or searched by ebook or audiobook.


As you can see above, Warriors and These Happy Golden Years are both available, but the rest have a “Wait List”. If you select a book that is not available, you’ll be given the option to be placed on the wait list and notified by email when the book arrives. It’ll be in the “Holds” section of your account until then, where you can check the status.

Once you find an available book you would like to check out, confirm the format works on your device if you have not already narrowed down selections to include this, then select the book.

You will now find it and all of your library loans by clicking on the three little books near the top right. Or, click on “My Account” to choose loans, holds, your wish list, or settings.


From your Loans screen, you can read it immediately in your browser, or choose another format, such as Kindle or EPUB.


For this demonstration, we’ll select “Kindle”, which will pull up a window linking directly to Amazon. At this point you will sign in on your personal Amazon account and add the book to your Kindle library, sending it to your preferred device, just as you would any book you purchase. Your book will be available for either 7 or 14 days, depending on your preferences when you selected borrow. (Default is generally 14 days.)


That’s all there is to it!

Next time we’ll look at the OverDrive application to enjoy your On The Go Resources through other devices, including audiobooks and even movies!




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