Parenting Challenges: Potty Training

One of the wonderful things about books is that they can help children through new experiences.  As children grow and change, life presents them with many challenges, many new skills to master.  Our children’s challenges are often also very challenging for us as parents and caregivers.  One parenting challenge we’re asked about frequently is potty training.  Fortunately, the library has many books and DVDs to help you both through mastering this new skill.

Recommended titles include:

My big boy potty by Joanna Cole ; illustrated by Maxie Chambliss
My big girl potty by Joanna Cole; illustrated by Maxie Chambliss
On your potty! by Virginia Miller
Once upon a potty: girl by Alona Frankel
Once upon a potty: boy by Alona Frankel
Mi bacinica y yo: para el Alona Frankel
Mi bacinica y yo: para ella by Alona Frankel

You can find these books and many more in the catalog by searching for the tag #pottytraining or at this link: Potty Training Booklist


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