Online Resources: Download and Stream with Freegal

In Part One of our series on Your Child’s Library on Demand we focused on the various free online resources you can download to your computer or your child’s electronic devices, including dates and information on free workshops at the Bowman and Handley libraries.

Part Two focused on navigating the Blue Ridge Download Consortium and downloading eBooks to your eReader.

Part Three introduced the OverDrive application for tablets and phones for downloading audiobooks, movies, and more, including instructions on how to download the app, sign in, and checking out available resources.

Today we will look at the Freegal music site and how you can use your library card to download and stream music. It’s legal and it’s completely free through your Handley Regional Library card!

Through Freegal you can download up to 5 songs a week in an mp3 format, and stream music for up to 3 hours a day for personal use with your Handley Regional Library card. You can do this directly from your computer, or download the app for your Apple device (iPhone/iPad/iTouch), Android phone or tablet, and any Amazon Kindle Fire 3rd generation and up. (Barnes & Noble tablet devices are not compatible with the Freegal Music app at this time.)

Note: Though this wasn’t the case for OverDrive and the Blue Ridge Download Consortium, you will need your library PIN to sign up for Freegal. You should have been assigned a PIN number when you received your library card. If you do not remember what it is, your library circulation desk can assign you a new one by stopping by the circulation desk or giving them a phone call. Library locations, hours, and phone numbers can be found here.

In our previous post in this series we walked you through downloading the OverDrive app to your individual devices. The process is the same for the Freegal app. So, if you’re on an Apple device, head to your App Store and search “Freegal”. You’ll find this in Google Play for your Android device, and if you have a Kindle you’ll want to shop your Amazon App Store. If you are on a computer, you can find the link through the Handley Regional Library website under eBooks & More, or click here.



If you’re on your computer, you’re already there! You will be prompted to login and taken to the login page. Your login page gives you a great overview on how Freegal works, with more details under the FAQ section on the upper right.

If you’re on a device, you will need to find the Handley Regional Library before proceeding. Below is how this looks on an Android, but the process is similar on an Apple or Fire.


You’ll enter your 14 digit library card number, then your unique 4 digit PIN.

Once you have logged in, you will then need to agree to the terms of service, then you are ready to search for music.

Two important areas on your front page to note include the top bar, which lets you know how many downloads you have remaining this week, and your current streaming limit for the day. The links on the left will show you your former playlists and downloads.


Your app will look like this, with your search and current download session at the top and your playlists at the bottom.


All set? Let’s find a song!

In the search box, we’ll type in “Owl City” to see what they have on Freegal.


From here you can click or tap the arrow on the left and the song will start streaming through the flash player on the bottom of the screen. To the right of the song, choose more options on the right to download, or add to a playlist. If you choose playlist, you will be prompted to then select a playlist, or create a new one.


The app works the same. The blue arrow on the left will stream the song immediately, and the arrow on the right will download the song. You can also tap on the name of the song for more options, or refine the search to songs, albums, or videos by tapping the above tabs.


It’s that easy! Freegal is very user friendly and you will soon find yourself creating playlists and downloading your weekly songs with ease. You’ll find children’s music, many of today’s popular songs, classics, karaoke music, and even music videos. (Music videos take up two downloads.)

This is the final installment of our Online Resource series. Make sure you take a look at the Handley Regional Library section under the “eBooks and More“, where you’ll find links to other resources, including Mango and Zinio, all available to you through your local library!


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  1. […] Inspired by Laura Ingalls Wilder’s beloved stories of her pioneer youth, our storytimes this week focus on life and leisure on the prairie.  Music was a big part of Laura’s childhood, and it continues to be a big part of childhood today for good reason: music is a key element in helping children learn many early literacy skills that will one day help them begin to read on their own.  Not only do our storytimes frequently incorporate music, but the library maintains a large collection of children’s and adult music available for checkout. We also make the Freegal service available free to anyone who has a library card with us.  Freegal allows you to stream 3 hours of ad-free music per day, plus download up to 5 songs, yours to keep, each week.  Learn more about using this service here: Download and Stream with Freegal. […]

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