What’s New for Bowman Youth

Have you seen the changes at the Bowman Library youth departments recently? If you haven’t stopped by, (and why not???), you’ve missed some of the fun. We’ve been busy moving things around a bit to create a more open flow to the children’s area, adding displays to catch the eye and to help children, youth, and teens find a few great books to read.

A new shelf in the front now highlights our Spanish collection with the reduced height opening up the view.

New books can be found on our center display:

If you missed our bulletin board because it was hiding behind a taller shelf, it’s now in full view. Our winter theme included the darling rabbits from our winter reading program in February. 

Our spring display is now up! The tree has now bloomed with apple blossoms and characters from Beatrix Potter stories have moved in.

Additionally, we now have a LEGO display where our LEGO participants showcase the creations of the week. 

At the entrance of the area we have a display for our tweens, highlighting a new theme every month. We are currently showing books about outer space, both fact and fiction. 

For our TEEN area we have our theme display all dressed up as a rocket ship this month, providing a few space themed reading ideas from the Young Adult genre.

When you travel through the shelves of the Young Adult and Manga area of the library, you now are treated with some decorative displays on the shelves to highlight specific genres, including suggested authors.


Every month there is something new so stop by and browse around!


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