Worker Wednesday: A Bowman STEM Activity for Preteens and Teens

The Bowman Library will be offering a summer STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) program aimed at preteens and teens beginning July 5th.


Each Wednesday at 5:30 pm we will have something different to explore with special presenters and hands on activities for preteens and teens, ages 9 to 17. Space is limited so registration is required to participate, but observers are welcome. Space is limited on most dates so book mark this page to have a direct link to the registration page for each event!

July 5th – Squishy Circuits! 
legoDiscovering and making electrical circuits!

See a demonstration of a Tesla Coil in action, then get hands-on to learn about electricity by creating and lighting your own circuit with conductive play dough.

July 12th – Sound Waves


Discovering sound waves and musical pitch.

Learn how sound is created and explore musical terms with pitch. Use this knowledge to create music with Boomwhackers in different octaves, observing how the size changes the sound.

July 19th – Stone Stacking (ages 11-17)
steinmann-60007_640_burnedDiscover the challenge of stone stacking!

Local Stone Stackers will demonstrate their patience and knowledge of balance as they build creative stone  structures. There will be 8 teams creating their rock stack. (This event is for ages 11 – 17 for strength requirements and safety for all participants.)

July 26 – Animal Habitats
squirrel-47528_1280Discover the wonder of animals and their homes–burrows, nests, dens, dams.

Valley Wildlife Care will talk about how animals prepare their homes within a habitat that provides shelter and nearby food.

August 2 – Wood Plank Construction
keva_burnedTake the challenge to build with KEVA planks and construction materials.

Groups of teens will work together on challenges using wooden planks. Who can build the tallest tower? The widest bridge? Recreate a complex structure or a maze!

August 9 – Build-A-Band (All Ages Welcome!)
amber waves

Discover how to build a band with sound, style, and musicians!

Teens and their families will enjoy a performance by the Amber Waves Band while they learn about the instruments that make up a bluegrass band and their individual roles.


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