Teen Art: Are You Up For A Challenge?


Most people like to start a new year off with a resolution.  Instead, why not start the new year off with an art challenge?  It is a great way to boost your creativity and improve your drawing and painting skills. You can choose to do a solo challenge or involve your friends or even your family.  My family and  I do this and it so much fun sharing our creations.

You will need a sketchbook or even  single sheets of paper, any art supplies you like to use, prompts, and your imagination. You can find many art prompt generators online and also apps for your  phone.  This an example of an online version:  https://www.magatsu.net/generators/art/index.php .  With this app you can choose a simple or  elaborate option.  I like to write the prompts on little bits of paper and put them in a jar and pull one out when it is time for the next challenge

Next you have to decide how often you want to do a prompt. Everyday?  Once a week?  Once a month?  If you are doing it solo or even with a best friend, daily will be doable.  If you are involving more people, like doing it with your family, weekly or monthly may be better.  My family and I do a weekly challenge.  After dinner on Sunday evenings we share our art we worked on that week and pick a new prompt to share the next week.        20180117_134328

Go ahead and challenge yourself and your family and friends!  Expand and stretch your imagination. Try a new media or perfect your favorite.  If you want to share your art with us you can find us on Instagram @handleyregional  and Facebook . Be sure to use #hrlart.


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